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Branch Optimization

Creating the Branch of the Future, Today.

The number of touch points for customers is going up dramatically. Customers are using ATMs, online, mobile and telephone banking much more frequently than they had in the past. Yet, there is no reason to believe that newer self-service channels will completely replace branches in the near future. The branch isn't dead - but its role is changing. If branch-based retail banking is to remain relevant to consumers, it must be transformed; and you must have a plan.

Whether a bank implements a teller-traffic analysis platform with a scheduling engine or deploys customer relations software that can track behavior and perform cross-sell/up-sell and profitability analysis, technology-driven BI is a cornerstone of performance improvement. Bancly can help you make research-based decisions about the sequential evolution of your branch network. We have the proprietary tools and the team of consultants that will:

Optimize your digital and remote channels to sell products as effectively as you can in person.

Build for speed, engagement and mover toward your Branch of the Future without totally revamping your networks.

Localize as well as globalize your business through a deep understanding of local cultures and our international network.

Identify new ways to use space, insert new technologies, provide cross-channel integration and create a better customer experience.

Right-Size branches and orient them toward higher-profit models, embrace branch efficiency and cut operating and branch transformation costs across entire networks.

Engage all the senses of your customers, embed powerful emotions and build lasting memories. Use sight, sound, taste, touch and smell to build strong emotional bonds with customers

Design the retail environment around the customer journey by creating opportunities to tell, sell and Immerse your customers in your brand by developing compelling propositions, values and differentiated visual identities.

Digitize your brand and marketing at strategic touch-points throughout your retail environment. With the consumer at the center, surrounded by a bunch of both physical and digital touch points that are equally accessible at any point in the process.

Assess your bank's entire retail banking platform, branches, demographics of their surrounding trade areas, customer behaviors, channel usage, customer experience, your retail strategy, competition, staffing model and examine the branch channel vis-a-vis all other delivery channels.

Develop prioritized strategic recommendations for branch transformation that address items such as branch closures/relocations, possible alternative/lower cost branch formats and staffing. You will have a clear road map for realigning your bank with your markets, your customer, your human capital and your opportunities for growth.