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Digital Banking

Helping you navigate your Digital Journey

Bancly's experienced consultants live and breathe digital banking. From embracing digital and understanding big societal shifts, we focus on the things that matter - the insights, the interactions, the integrations, and innovations that make extraordinary things happen for banks and their customers.

Our digital banking services include creative, consulting, technology, and operations competencies across:



Social Media


Big Data and Analytics

Content Management

Digital Marketing

Wearable Computing

Internet of Things

User Experience

Customer Experience

Business Process Management

Digital transformation is a journey that's different for every bank. As you transform your bank into a digital banking powerhouse, it helps to know where you are today, how it compares to the best and how to accelerate your progress. We've designed a comprehensive approach to enable delivery of your digital vision and ultimately achieve digital excellence.

Digital Transformation Audit

Comprehensive audit of existing efforts and infrastructure to assess readiness and identify opportunities.

Digital Payments Conversion

Migrate from paper-based to digital processing capabilities to reduce costs.

Digital Engagement Mapping (DEM)

We create a single, comprehensive view of your business, audience, environment, digital capabilities and competencies.

Marketing Process Optimization

Analyze customer information effectively to better segment customers, analyze their needs, and respond to market trends.

Digitization and API-zation

Renewing legacy core. Strategizing, designing, implementing, and managing APIs for integrating cross-channels, devices, and stakeholders.

Multi-channel Transformation

Integrate your front office channels '' branch, Internet, call center, kiosk, ATM, and mobile '' to improve the customer experience and sales.

Digital Marketing

Enhancing online branding through collaboration platforms, experience management, and campaigns. Information access management solutions using search and analytic tools.

Digital Delivery Solutions

Our Digital Factory, Cloud and Mobility Solutions, Big Data & Analytics, Emerging Technologies and Systems Integration combine to bring the newly defined Digital Bank to life.

Leadership Session

Change accelerates only once buy-in is earned at the top. The Leadership Session is an onsite workshop and presentation that builds consensus for why and how to lead this effort now.

Web Portals & Content Management

Web information portals, rich Internet applications, role-based portals, knowledge portals and portal consolidation. Deploy a customer experience platform and engaging Bank 2.0 experience.

Compliance Process Optimization

Simplify and streamline multiple sources of information required for regulations and compliance reporting. Comply with customer-facing requirements such as KYC and Customer Identification.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Match digital transformation efforts with business goals and priorities. We develop a three-year roadmap, with every initiative prioritized, detailed, and assigned to guide strategists through each step of change.

Digital Servicing Transformation

Make customers seamlessly interact with right people in the bank or enjoy self-services through any device, anytime, anywhere. Drive high customer satisfaction, manage services performance with near real-time dashboards

Digital Architecture

The full user experience lifecycle is defined and mapped to ensure the optimal Customer Experience across the entire Digital Ecosystem, and a Rapid Prototyping Capability enabled to provide for continuous evolution of digital solutions.

Digital Customer Experience Mapping

Studies behaviors, technologies and touch points of your connected customers, identifies points of influence, observes the context of screens and platforms and how/when/why all devices are used. Creating and managing Omni-channel digital experiences.

Mobile Banking

Account servicing, investment portfolio management, transactions, or customer service, mobile device workstations, sales force automation, marketing campaigns, collaboration and productivity applications, or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support.

Digital Sales Transformation

Re-engineering onboarding to enable STP of digitally opened accounts, building, maintaining, and optimizing electronic platforms for sales, and deployment of customer acquisition tools to enhance account opening, lending, cross and up-selling, and dynamic product bundling.

Digital Strategy

Identify disruptive trends, customer expectations and competitors shaping banking, turn disruption into opportunity, employing an agile, interactive and information driven approach to Strategy and Operating Model Design to define your digital opportunities and forward journey.

How we do it

The awareness

Securing board and management buy-in to investment in digital via mentoring and board-level guidance, executive and practitioner education.

The assessment

Determine your business capabilities, team skills and priority targets Using interviews, Alignment Workshops, surveys, benchmarking.

The transformation

The Action Plan for driving change - prioritized by impact Attacking gaps across the four vectors: strategy, people, processes, technology.

The delivery

The Digital Transformation roll-out Executing the programme, meeting business goals, costs and timing.


  • Executive Workshops
  • Practitioner Education
  • Mentoring and Board-Level Guidance.


  • Strategy Review
  • Skills Assessment
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Digital Performance Audit
  • Capability & Readiness Audit


  • Content Strategy
  • Resource Planning
  • Prototyping Workshops
  • Organizational Structures
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation Workshop


  • Playbook
  • Innovation Days
  • Governance & Training
  • Technology Selection
  • Events and Workshops
  • Bespoke Research and Best Practice

Examples of our client assignments include:

  • Refined the digital ecosystem for a major national bank, designed and supported full-scale transformations.
  • Developed a digital strategy for a major regional bank and established the digital marketing organization.
  • Created a multi-channel solution for a leading retail bank to deliver an integrated customer experience - multi-channel.
  • Deployed a network of unstaffed video kiosks (video teller machines) that use video-conferencing to connect customers with agents in the bank's contact center.
  • Launched Facebook 'branch' or app. The application has helped the bank to gain some 200,000 fans on Facebook.
  • Launched credit application via Twitter. To apply, people send their ID number and mobile phone number with a direct message, and then receive an SMS in response to their credit application.
  • iPad app that offers access to a wide range of accounts, payments and wire transfers, stock prices and investing news, portfolio wizards and risk calculators, and retirement planning tools.
  • Biometric authentication on 2,400 ATMs and in 1,000 branches allowing customers withdraw cash using their fingerprint image without the need for a card.
  • Partnered with a mobile operator to offer mobile contactless payments, based on the NFC standard.
  • One-time password generating chip card giving customers debit cards with built-in authentication technology, complete with keypad and screen.
  • Bill management PFM service compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices, the free service helps customers organize their bills, do peer comparisons.
  • Radically rationalized the product suite, from more complex product groups within loans to simple categories such as deposits.
  • Tailored an offering entirely to students, offered a simple, three-product portfolio-customized credit and debit cards, savings accounts, and tuition loans.
  • Value-chain disaggregation and new revenue models. Scrutinized processes and entire value chains, designing a new operating model of a national bank
  • Other solutions such as artificial intelligence, video and chat functions for advisory services, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer payments, and social investing.