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Mobile First. Go Places.

Many banks have only scratched the surface of mobile’s potential. Most mobile banking offerings fall short of mobile banking’s full potential in simply offering a portable version of online banking accessible through a mobile device rather than leveraging mobile’s unique attributes. While most banks have developed a mobile banking offering that allows customer to access their account information, few banks have started to consider how to use mobile to support other activities such as marketing, account opening, application processing, and onboarding.

The right mobile strategy can enable banks to use mobility as a multi-faceted tool for driving business growth and creating competitive advantage. The goal should be to drive incremental revenue, drive product adoption, create cross-sales opportunities, create customer loyalty, lower the cost of customer acquisition, enhance brand visibility, reduce sales cycle time, enhance customer experience, identify new revenue streams, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency and increase employee productivity - not just roll-out "me-too" services. Your mobile solutions should be profit centers, not expenses!

For a successful plan, you have to think beyond the immediate implementation and focus on items such as:

Mobile Marketing that leverages location-based services and video
Shifting your Rewards Programs away from cards and to mobile devices
Allowing mobile to assist with Compliance Requirements, such as Security Awareness Programs
Leveraging mobile for Customer Service
Attracting new customers & retaining your existing base

Bancly Mobile Maturity Roadmap

Helps banks identify four stages (Initiate - Engage – Optimize - Transform) where they are at today in their Mobile journey and what’s needed to reach full customer centricity.

The most basic level Initiate – is being able to deliver mobile services that work in coordination with the other channels and are on par with the competition.

The highest level Transforming customers – requires using analytics to predict customer needs. Banks should proactively offer and develop services, based on those needs, along with empowering their staff to enhance the customer experience.

We can help you build banking applications covering two types of users:

Engage Customers

Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

Account servicing, investment portfolio management, transactions, customer service, mobile marketing, etc.

Empower Employees

Build a Mobile Workforce

Sales and marketing, collaboration and productivity applications, Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD) support, etc.

How Bancly can help

User Experience
Mobile Innovations
Mobile Architecture
Strategy and Roadmaps
Multi-Channel Service Creation
Mobile Technology Advancements
Rapid Mobile Application
Mobile Application Development and Testing

Our mobile banking experts will aid your bank in the following:

  • Effectively build and deploy mobile applications that run smoothly on a wide variety of devices.
  • Design and create a mobile banking platform that is forefront, leading, and highly customer-centric and easy to use.
  • Update and upgrade them quickly and often, and unlock back-office capabilities to create a more customer centric experience.
  • Reduce operational costs in your mobile banking department, while continuing to create a seamless mobile banking experience.
  • Ensure that your bank's mobile banking platform is able to increase customer loyalty and at the same time increase fee income from transactions.
  • Ensure that you are in the lead of mobile banking, and that your bank is able to implement the right mix of mobile banking services that come from the best practices from the world's leading banks and third party practices.


Mobile browsers are currently the most common and easiest to deploy. However, we are increasingly in an “app for that” world, and consumers love the features and functionality associated with applications. Because of this, many banks have taken a panicked approach to building a mobile banking presence. Instead of purposefully mapping out a strategy based on their customers, they jumped right into tactics such as applications and/or a mobile website. Already have a mobile strategy? We also work to evaluate and revamp banks’ mobile strategies for this ever-changing market.